During the credits for 22 Jump Street, various fake sequel poster and vignettes are shown. Here is a list of all of them featured in the trailer.


  • 23 Jump Street: Medical School
    • ​Tagline: Turn your head and cough.
    • Jenko (disguised as a doctor) and Schmidt (disguised as a patient in a wheelchair) flee through a hospital while being pursued by a gang of thugs.
  • 24 Jump Street: Foreign Exchange Students 
    • Tagline: A steaming load of bolshevik.
    • Jenko and Schmidt are shown with their backs touching as they say "Dasvidaniya" and "Vodka Soda" in Russian accents.
  • 25 Jump Street: A Semester at Sea ​
    • Tagline: Ship happens.
  • 26 Jump Street: Art School ​
    • Tagline not shown. 
  • 27 Jump Street: Culinary School
    • Tagline: Let's stew this. 
    • Schmidt finds a microchip in the food they are preparing. The head chef (Bill Hader) remarks that it is an old family recipe and that it's best to keep it a secret as he pulls out a gun on the pair. Jenko responds by grabbing a butcher knife and tossing it into the chef's chest. 
  • 28 Jump Street: Veterinary School ​
    • ​Tagline: Farmed and dangerous. 
  • 29 Jump Street: Sunday School ​
    • Tagline: Holy Sh*t. ​
    • Jonah Hill is replaced by actor/comedian Seth Rogen as Schmidt in this film because of a "contract dispute". Jenko and Schmidt dress in priest outfits and head to a warehouse where Schmidt accidentally calls Jenko "Jenkins". 
  • 30 Jump Street: Flight Academy 
    • Tagline: Putting the cop back in copilot. 
    • Hill returns to his role as Schmidt in this film (the trailer seems to also be a reference to the film Top Gun
  • 31 Jump Street: Ninja Academy
    • Tagline not shown.
  • 32 Jump Street: Fireman School
    • ​Tagline: Bros before hose.
  • 33 Jump Street: Generations
    • Tagline not shown.
    • Richard Grieco reprises his role as Dennis Booker from the TV series in this sequel (Dustin Nguyen, who potrayed Harry Truman Ioki in the series, is shown on the poster)
  • 34 Jump Street: Return of the Ghost
    • Tagline not shown.
    • Ghost (Peter Stormare) is shown rising out of the ocean in this trailer.
  • 35 Jump Street: Traffic School
    • Tagline: Double parking, double narcing.
  • 36 Jump Street: Military School
    • ​Tagline: Putting their privates on the line.
  • 37 Jump Street: Scuba Class
    • Tagline: Bros before Cousteaus.
  • 38 Jump Street: Dance Academy
    • ​Tagline: Pointe & Shoot.
  • 39 Jump Street: The Electronic Target Game
    • Instead of a film, this sequel is an electronic target shooting game where the targets are penises with Mr. Walter on the box art saying "Don't shoot my dicks!"
  • 40 Jump Street: Retirement Home
    • Tagline: Old school.
    • In this film, Schmidt and Jenko are disguised as elderly men to infiltrate a retirement home.
  • 41 Jump Street: Magic School
    • Tagline not shown.
  • 42 Jump Street: Beauty School
    • ​Tagline: Dye hard.
  • 43 Jump Street: Mariachi School
    • ​Tagline: Esto se Esta Poniendo Ridiculo! (English: This is getting ridiculous!)
  • 2121 Jump Street
    • Tagline not shown.
  • Infinity Jump Street
    • Tagline not shown
    • A poster nor a trailer is shown for this, but its logo is seen at the very end of the credits for a split second. 


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